Fresh mint & choc chip ice cream

A perfect way to cool down on a hot day.


140g dark chocolate chips
400ml full-fat milk
300ml double cream
1 vanilla pod , split
75g/2┬Żoz fresh mint leaves with stalks
4 large egg yolks
140g caster sugar


Pour the milk and cream into a medium heavy-based pan, then add the vanilla pod, scraping the seeds into the mixture. Heat the creamy milk, stirring occasionally, until almost boiling. Add the mint leaves and stalks, cover with a lid, and leave for 15 mins.

Strain the liquid, pressing the mint with a spatula to extract maximum flavour. Discard the leaves and stalks, and scoop out the vanilla pod.

Whisk the egg yolks and caster sugar until thick and pale. Return the minty cream to a clean pan and bring back to almost boiling.

Pour half the hot liquid onto the egg and sugar mixture, whisking to combine everything before adding the remaining liquid. Return the custard to the rinsed-out pan and cook over a low heat, stirring all the time, until lightly thickened – about 3-4 mins. Take care it doesn’t get too hot or it may curdle. Strain the custard into a bowl and leave to cool, stirring occasionally to prevent a skin forming.

Churn the custard in an ice-cream machine until frozen. Add the chocolate pieces just before it sets. If you don’t have a machine, pour the custard into a chilled container and freeze for 2-3 hrs until the sides become icy. Whisk thoroughly to break up any crystals, then add the chocolate and freeze until solid. Leave to soften in the fridge for 20-30 mins, then serve in bowls or cones.

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