Pork & Chilli Sausages

Nothing beats making your own bangers.  True, they take a bit of practice, but the end result once you’ve got the hang of it is well worth the effort


500g Pork belly
400g pork shoulder (or leg)
75g crushed cream crackers*
2 tbsp chopped parsley
1 tbsp dried chilli flakes
3m of sausage casings (best quality you can find)
Salt & pepper to season


Grind the cream crackers in a food mixer until the contents resemble breadcrumbs.
Pass the pork belly and shoulder through a meat grinder.
Mix in the other ingredients and season to taste.
Put the funnel attachment on the meat grinder, removing the cutting blades and put the skins on the attachment, tying a knot on the end.
Feed the pork mixture into the grinder and slowly pull the casings away from the grinder as they fill with the sausagemeat.  Be careful here to not get air into the casings or overfill as this will cause the casings to burst when cooking them.
Once done, tie a knot in the other end and decide how long each sausage should be, I use a hand width as a rough guide.  Twist the sausage to the right at each hand width to form a chain of individual sausages and once complete, hang for 30 mins.
Cook on a low heat in olive oil, starting with the sausages in a cold pan and turn regularly until browned on the outside and cooked through.

* – All sausages contain a form of rusk to retain the moisture within the casings.  The crushed cream crackers are a fantastic alternative to rusk and makes a very succulent sausage.  Without this, the sausage would be very dry.

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